Curation of SUB ZERO Exhibition

Januar 10, 2024

As part of the PACE Festival and Xenorama, I organised and curated the media art exhibition SUB ZERO at Waschhaus Arena Potsdam from 21st – 22nd Dec 2023. Eight art installations illuminate the fragility, beauty and mediality of frozen formations and structures. The exhibition presents works by artists who challenge our imagination and provide insights into the deep global interconnections of the frozen world. Through interactive, walk-in works of art and generative media formats, the exhibition traces the complex levels of meaning of ice, glaciers and arctic cold. Inspired by the silence of winter and the tectonic sounds of the glaciers, “Sub-Zero” invites you to pause and linger. The immersive experience is a tribute to transience, a call to appreciation and at the same time a celebration of the sublime beauty that lies in fragility.

Participating Artists:


Honorary Mention at SHARE Prize Turin

Juni 5, 2022

I’m very honoured, to have received the Honorary Mention of SHARE Prize Turin, for my „Screenization“ project. Thanks to the organizers and the whole team for the support and grateful, to meet see so many exiting artworks!

Talk and Nomination at Video Mapping Festival Lille 2022

März 5, 2022

I am very happy to be present on two occasions at this years Video Mapping Festival in Lille, France!

On Thursday 10th March at 16:15 I will give a talk “Screenization – On the diffusion of digital screens” at the IBSIC – Image Beyond the Screen International Conference, and on Saturday we have our fingers crossed because Xenoramas project “BE\LONGING” is nominated for a Video Mapping Award.

Looking forward to meet old friends and new faces and some interesting conversations and exchange 😉

More information: https://videomappingfestival.com/ibsic-2022/?lang=en
Program as PDF: https://videomappingfestival.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/01/VMF22_IBSIC_programme_EN.pdf

PS: Here you can watch a video recording of my presentation:

Digital Shift projections at „Feuerspuren Festival“

November 1, 2020


I organized a projection workshop in my role as coordinator of the Digital Impact Lab Bremen and in cooperation with the INTERFERENCE Light Art Project from Tunis, Tunisia. The results of the DIGITAl SHIFT project will be shown as part of the „Feuerspuren“ international storytelling festival. You can see the projections on the facade of the Torhaus Süd on Sunday 8th November during the darkness.

Here you can find some more information, and here some photos of the workshops:

Visuals at „New Dimensions in Jazz“ Festival

November 14, 2019

This weekend I will contribute some visuals for New Dimensions in Jazz Festival of the University of Arts Bremen. There’s gonna be a lot of experimental and innovative sounds from six bands on two evenings.

More information here and you can still get tickets at the box office (extra-cheap for HfK people ;)

Projection Workshop at „Paralellwelten“ Exhibition

November 1, 2019

On Saturday the 2.11.2019 I will give a brief introduction into artistic perspectives of overlaying the physical world with digital projections, through Projection Mapping, VJing and real-time video generation. The workshop is part of the accompanying programm of the a annual exhibition of the BBK Bremen at the art space Güterbahnhof.

Date: Saturday, 2.11.19 / 18:00
Place: FAQ, Künstlerhaus Güterbahnhof, Beim Handelsmuseum 9, 28195 Bremen
No registrations required

Lectureship: Projektwochen University of Applied Sciences Potsdam

Oktober 8, 2019

Over the last weeks we held a workshop at the „Projektwochen“ at Design FH Potsdam under the title of „Raumprojektionen“ in which we looked into the basics of architectural Projection Mapping. Four groups of students developed quite amazing concepts and animations onto a model of the building of the University of Applied Sciences in Potsdam.
Thanks to all the students and everybody involved!

Projection at POLARSTERN farewell exbition

September 20, 2019

So in case if you are wondering what we are up to, today on #globalclimatestrike day: We are finished with the preparations for the projections onto the Polarstern for the MOSAiC expedition, the largest arctic expedition of our time. Looking forward to the farewell event this evening in Tromso, Norway and the follwoing one-year lasting expedition that aims to better understand arctic and global climate!

Thanks to the good cooperation with:
Alfred-Wegener-Institut für Polar- und Meeresforschung
AudioNor AS Moloen AS Tromsø Havn KF

WALLS OF PERCEPTION at Schlosslichtspiele Karlsruhe

Juli 18, 2019

We at Xenorama are in the last stages of finalising our new artwork for the SCHLOSSLICHTSPIELE Karlsruhe curated by ZKM – Zentrum für Kunst und Medien Karlsruhe. Our show „Walls of Perception“ tells an abstract story about our outer and inner world.

Join us for the premiere on the 8th of August or see the projections on the palace of Karlsruhe until the 15th of September!

UPDATE: Here is the documentation of the final show: http://www.lorenzpotthast.de/walls-of-perception-with-xenorama/ oder http://xenorama.com/walls-of-perception

1st Prize at „Brandenburg Design Prize“

Juni 12, 2019

We are thrilled and very honoured to be amongst the first prize winners of this year’s Designpreis Brandenburg. The exhibition „Lebendige Bauten / Living Buildings“ which we cocreated together with the team around Brigitta Bungard was awarded in the communication design category. Check out further information here: http://xenorama.com/portfolio/living-buildings/

For the installation we cooperated with Brigitta Bungard, Katrin Reiling, based at the wonderful Rechenzentrum Potsdam as well as Kerstin Meyer-Ebrecht, neubauen.design and Voice-Over by René Schwittay.

Contribution to „Denkmalsturz“ exhibition at Kulturbunker

April 20, 2019
From 27.04. – 03.05. two of my projects will be accompanying the exhibittion „Denkmalsturz“ by Johannes Nortmann. The „Petroglyphomat“ and „Infinite Destruction Machine“ fit very well within the topic of his Master Thesis, researching about the phenomena regarding the interaction with classical monuments.

Kultur im Bunker e.V. (Berliner Straße 22C, 28203 Bremen)
Öffnungszeiten: 27.04. – 3.5. jeweils von 16-19 Uhr
Vernissage: 26.04 18:00
Finissage: 3.5. 19:00

Official opening of the Digital Impact Lab

April 19, 2019

Some of you may know, that I have a half time position coordinating the „Digital Impact Lab“ in Bremen Gröpelingen for some month now, together with Peter Schwartz.

Next Thursday the 25th April will be the opening day. From 11am – 2pm there will be the official part with politicians, representatives and press and later from 6pm on a more personal one with friends and people who are interested what is going on at the Lab. Feel free to come by!

Workshop at Lichtcampus Wismar

März 25, 2019

Last week I had the chance to hold a workshop at Lichtcampus Wismar as representative of Xenorama – Studio for Audio-Visual Art. We had a look into the workflow of a typical facade Projection Mapping on the example of the Welterbehaus.

Pretty amazing results for two days of workshop! Thanks to the awesome students who took part in the workshop (Hamidreza Eizadi, Tanja Tanasijevic, Xenia Lo, Paul Munkt, Claire Core, Mohammed, Anna, Alexandra, Susan, and Samira), places that helped us (Lilja Walker Möbeldesign, Das Boot Wismar e. V.) and the whole Lichtcampus team!

Master Presentation on the 5th November

Oktober 25, 2018

I’m almost finished with my Master Thesis with the title „Screenization – On the Diffusion of Digital Screens“. The presentation will take place on Monday the 5th November at 11am at the Video Studio (1.12.100) at Speicher XI. There will be snacks and maybe beer.

Looking forward to see you.


International Symposium on Electronic Arts (ISEA) in Durban, South Africa

Juli 3, 2018

I am very happy to was able to join the 24th International Symposium on Electronic Arts (ISEA) in Durban, South Africa from the 23rd to 30th of June 2018. Therefor I built upon my already existing connection to friends and institutions in Durban, was kindly supported by the Bremen-Durban partnership association and collaborated with the People’s Smart Sculpture Project.

Over the course of the symposium I was involved in several activities, such as a workshop on the potential of projections in public space together with the PS2 project and Elektro Moon Vision, exhibitions based of my previous research on the internet connectivity between the partner cities of Durban and Bremen at KZNSA Gallery and the beachfront and a panel discussion and a Pecha Kucha presentation.

36239961_10157021233334528_4331722496542769152_o ISEA2018_Lorenz-Potthast_DSC_0002_SMALL

ISEA2018_Lorenz-Potthast_DSC_0014_SMALL ISEA2018_Lorenz-Potthast_DSC_0032_SMALL

ISEA2018_Lorenz-Potthast_DSC_0035_SMALL ISEA2018_Lorenz-Potthast_DSC_0137_SMALL

ISEA2018_Lorenz-Potthast_DSC_0210_SMALL ISEA2018_Lorenz-Potthast_DSC_0218_SMALL

ISEA2018_Lorenz-Potthast_DSC_0238_SMALL ISEA2018_Lorenz-Potthast_DSC_0379_SMALL

ISEA2018_Lorenz-Potthast_DSC_0482_SMALL ISEA2018_Lorenz-Potthast_DSC_0581_SMALL


Master Thesis Outlook: „Screenization – On the Diffusion of Digital Screens“

April 26, 2018


Last week I registered my Master Thesis and now have five month to work on it. For the topic I extended some of the thought of a previous paper called „The digital screenization
of physical environments“ and sharpened my definition of the term „Screenization“ to to describe the increasing dissemination of Digital Screens in our perception in general and the transformation of environments into screens specifically.

In the theoretical part of my project I am looking at the history of the classical screen and it’s predecessors, the shifts towards digital screens with the upcoming of computer technology and the current use and role of nowadays screens. Furthermore I am following the future developments of a speculative „Screen Material“, that encompasses all the core qualities of a Digital Screen, without it’s current limitations of a flat rectangle.

On the practical side I am conducting several experiments in the directions of autonomous pixel units forming some kind of a „Swarm Screen“ on one hand and on the other hand I am following the idea of a „Screen Object“ consisting entirely of screen.


IMG_9750_SMALL    IMG_9739_SMALL

Keynote Speaker at conference „The Real of Reality“ at ZKM

Juli 28, 2017

Me and my colleague Marcel Bückner from Xenorama are very honoured that we are invited as keynote speakers for the upcoming conference about film and philosophy „The Real of Reality“ at ZKM in Karlsruhe from 2nd – 6th November. In our talk »Genius Loci, Spatial Cinema and Site-Specific Narration« we will discuss the role of Projection Mapping inbetween film and Virtual Reality and it’s ability to change the perception of reality.


UPDATE: Here you can find a video of our presentation on the ZKM Website:


New Face Award at Japan Media Art Festival

März 16, 2017

Yay, a New Face Award at the Japan Media Art Festival, again! This time with Xenorama for our augmented projection sculpture RADIX (www.xenorama.com/radix) in the entertainment category. We will travel to the award ceremony in September and also exhibit RADIX during the festival.

PS: Congratulation also to Ralf Baecker for the Art Division Grand Prize!


Artistic Research Travel through South Africa

Februar 13, 2017

The next three weeks I will travel through South Africa for my Master Project at the University of Arts Bremen to look at the visible and invisible traces of the Internet, that connect the sister cities Durban and Bremen.

Update: On Thursday I will spontaneously be part of an exciting exhibition in Durban at Theotherroom Durban together with Simphiwe Xulu and Donovan Orr. It’s gonna be about mystical creatures, black boxes and submarine internet cables. Check out more in the description of the event…


Update Update: Here is a little website that aims to structure the outcome of my travel: http://9483km-843ms.net/


Paper on „Screenization“

Oktober 11, 2016


For a theory course at the University of Arts Bremen I wrote a little research paper about the history and future of Mixed Reality in general and Projection Mapping especially. Therefore I came up with the term „Screenization“. Underneath you find the abstract and you can download the whole paper here.

The digital Screenization of physical environments, Lorenz Potthast (2016) – Abstract:
In the following paper I will try to establish a definition of devices for “screenitized environments” and show their history, current status and potential developments.
In the first part I will give a general overview over the history and developments that led to what we understand today as Mixed Reality. Beginning with the origins of depiction and perspective I explain the similar developments of Camera Obscura and Laterna Magica. Afterwards I show first artistic uses of projections, scientific experiments with virtual worlds and the following professionalization and commercialization.

In the second part I try to juxtapose the current state of technologies with the Virtuality-Reality Continuum by Paul Milgram and Fumio Kishino, a popular framework for the classification of Mixed Reality technologies. I will extend and refine a specific part of the theoretical continuum and position the neighbouring technologies of Projection Mapping and Smartglasses under the  domain of systems for the screenization of the environment.
In the third part I show some forces which are driving the development of Projection Mapping and Smartglasses today and what there are used for. Finally I try to extrapolate potential future developments, applications and ways of usage.

MEET YOUR NEIGHBOURS Tshirt printing workshop

August 23, 2016

From the 23rd to 25th of August we organized a T-Shirt silk screen printing workshop with refugees and students at the University of Arts Bremen. The idea behind was to get together people from different countries and cultures, to discuss and develop ideas, but also to create something that can be taken home afterwards and be worn as an artistic expression.



RADIX at FIMG and Platine

Juli 10, 2016

The augmented light sculpture RADIX that I developed together with my colleagues at Xenorama will go on tour to some festivals this summer.

First you can check it out at FIMG (International Mapping Festival Girona) from the 15th to 24th of July at Hotel Europa. There will also be a voting for the winner of the micromapping category, so we count on your support.

Afterwards from the 15th to 18th August RADIX will be shown at PLATINE Festival for electronic arts and alternatice play forms in Cologne Ehrenfeld.


Projection at the Schlosslichtspiele… again…

Juli 7, 2016

After last years projection mapping on the palace of Karlsruhe for the 300th anniversary of the city, there will be some more projections again this year curated by the ZKM… and we are on board again as well!

As we already worked with 3D animations on the building last year, we decided for a totally new workflow this year that uses analog and organic animation techniques. Therefore we created physical models of the facade in different sizes and materials and filmed them with two synchronized cameras.

You can see a first trailer here and some more photos of the making of on Facebook. See you at the premiere of the show on the 27th of August in Karlsruhe!


_MG_8110   _MG_8143

_MG_8178   _MG_8193

MYN Spring Dinner

Mai 8, 2016

Last Tuesday we enjoyed some nice food and conversations from all over the world. Thanks to everybody for coming and contributing! You can find more photos on Facebook.

Join us for the next movie evening on the 17.5. again at 5pm at the Auditorium of the University of Arts Bremen at Speicher XI – 8

MYN 2016-04-05 Fruelingsessen_WEB_01

MYN 2016-04-05 Fruelingsessen_WEB_07   MYN 2016-04-05 Fruelingsessen_WEB_02

Annual Award – Special Prize Digital Media

Februar 6, 2016

And just after coming back Japan we received the Special Prize Digital Media of this years annual awards ceremony at HfK Hochschultage 2016 for our project „Do You Agree?“. I developed the project together with Hubert Kloskowski and Valentin Kraft

The installation „Do You Agree?“ aims to illustrate the causality between blind acceptance of terms and conditions and their unexpected consequences. Documentation photos and videos will follow soon!


Keyboard hand concept

Dezember 22, 2015

During a VR course at University Bremen with Lulu Mendelova, Jonas Schell and Lukas Seiler we came up with the idea to use the palms of your hands as keyboard. I’ve followed the idea a bit and built a semi-functional prototype until I got bored of the outlook of having to learn a whole new way of typing again…

IMAG0166    IMAG0169


MEET YOUR NEIGHBOURS Music Evening 8.12.15

Dezember 12, 2015

Last Tuesday we had another wonderful evening with students and refugees at the HfK with very diverse music with a Classic Quartett (Lukas Stubenrauch and Band), Azadi (Kurdish Band),  Jazz Trio (Mathieu Bech, Michael Haupt, Alexander Petratos) African Hip-Hop (Ton Energy, Lion Fullah, Mighty Mac) and even some spontaneous performances.

You can find some more photos on facebook.

MYN 2016-02-23 Musikabend_WEB_003

MYN 2016-02-23 Musikabend_WEB_009

MYN 2016-02-23 Musikabend_WEB_014

New Face Award at Japan Media Art Festival

November 27, 2015

WHUW! I won the new face award at the Japan Media Art Festival in the Media Art category with my Bachelor project „Communication with the Future – The Petroglyphomat“.

The Japan Media Arts Festival is an annual festival held by Japan’s Agency for Cultural Affairs since 1997 and is regarded as one of the most important Media Art Festivals in Asia and worldwide. The Petroglyhpomat will be exhibited at the Festival in Tokyo from the 3rd until 14th February 2016.


Meeting of refugees and HfK students

November 20, 2015

If you don’t have any plans next Tuesday join us at 17:00 at Auditorium for a meeting with people from HfK and from the neighbouring refugee accomodations :)


Poster „Refugees Welcome. And than?“

Oktober 25, 2015

On Saturday the 31st October there will be an interesting event for and with refugees. The one-day workshop titled „Refugees Welcome. And than?“aims to discuss about topics of short-term support and long term integration and perspectives. It is organized by Weltwärts Bremen and the posters and flyers for the event were designed by me.


decelerator helmet at human+ exhibition in barcelona

September 30, 2015

I’ll be traveling to Barcelona tomorrow to prepare my Decelerator Helmet for another exhibition, this time at the Human+ Exhibition at the Centre de Cultura Contemporania de Barcelona. The exhibition explores the boundaries of what it means to be human—boundaries of the body, boundaries of the species, boundaries of what is socially and ethically acceptable. The exhibition is curated by Catherine Kramer and runs from the 6th October 2015 until 10th March 2016.

I am looking forward to see my helmet in good company with some awesome projects, such as The Machine to be another or Dune&Raby.


(Embryo III © Steve Barrett 2016)

facade dialogs at cityleaks festival cologne

August 31, 2015

On the 11th and 12th of September from 10pm Xenorama presents the project „Facade Dialogs“ as contribution to the Urban Art Festival CityLeaks on two facades in Cologne-Mülheim.

Walls do not have a good reputation. They are obstacles,they are empty facades. A German saying even says »You talk against a wall« meaning no one is listening to you. The project »Facade Dialogs« changes the face of the wall. Or rather: gives it a character. »Facade Dialogs« gives people from Cologne-Mülheim a chance to tell their stories. Their stories will be projected larger than life onto facades, turning them into a stage and a lectern.

projection on the karlsruhe castle with xenorama

Juni 13, 2015

I am very proud to announce that we as Xenorama are going to have a Projection Mapping on the castle of Karlsruhe. In the course of the 300th anniversary of Karlsruhe the famous city palace will be illuminated. In our show we will narrate the vision of the margrave Karl Wilhelm which inspired him to build the majestic palace as a centre of the geometric city. The name of the show is ONEIRONAUT — The Vision of a Lucid Palace and it will be premièred on the 8th of August at the GLOBALE2015.


idealisierte Stadtansicht   idealisierte Stadtansicht

digital art exhibition at the BAT centre

April 21, 2015

On Tuesday the 21st of April the BAT Centre celebrated the official launch of its new installed Multimedia Centre with the opening of the Digital Art Exhibition which I was organising and curating.

The vision of the Multimedia Centre is to extend access and skills in digital technology and media to collaborators, students, artists and visitors of the BAT Centre. The Digital Art Exhibition aims to give an overview of what artistic approaches and positions are existing on the broad field of Digital Art in Durban and KwaZulu Natal, dealing with or deriving from the increasing digitalization of our environment. This includes drawings, prints, interactive media, films and animations, photos, installations and much more.



See more photos.
See the full Press Release.

the decelerator and xenorama in india

März 2, 2015

From the 5. – 7. February 2015 me and my colleagues from Xenorama were invited to exhibit at the QUARK Festival at BITS Pilani Campus in Goa, India. After a quite complicated journey we set up my Decelerator Helmet and a 3D printed modell of our Moya Facade Projection Mapping from Genius Loci Festival. Over the course of the three days we had a lot of awesome experiences and met countless inspiring people and heard their stories.

PS: Also check out the interesting interview with me in the campus newspaper.


2015-01_India_WEB_04      2015-01_India_WEB_05

2015-01_India_WEB_06      IMG_7923

the decelerator in highlike book

Dezember 27, 2014

My project the Decelerator Helmet is one of the several great projects featured in the first editon of highlike book. It encompasses several aspects of contemporary culture, providing the user a new form of appreciation of an art book. It is published by FILE – Electronic Language International Festival and SESI publishing house and contains 584 pages with 577 artists from 35 countries.

Decelerator Helmet in Highlike Book

hfk bestof award 3rd prize

Oktober 27, 2014

My bachelor project the Petroglyphomat is shown at this years BestOf HfK exhibition at the Wilhelm Wagenfeld Haus in Bremen from the 24.10 – 30.12.14. If you are arround Bremen in the next time don’t miss the show and see my project together with a lot of more awesome HfK graduation works!

Also this year for the first time, the doped 10 000 € HfK Design Award of Petra and Dieter Frese Foundation was awarded. My project won the 3rd prize and I’m very happy about 2000€ prize money.



hello durban, hello south africa!

Oktober 26, 2014

After some visa trouble and a quite exhausting travel I safely arrived in Durban in South Africa a couple of days ago and now finally found the time (and the Internet) to write this note.

For one year now I will be working as Multimedia Center Coordinator at the BAT Centre, an community centre that celebrates the arts and culture of Durban, Kwa-Zulu Natal and South Africa by promoting local talent and skills. I am here with Weltwärts Bremen, an volunteer and exchange programme hhich is supported by the german government.

For more Information and further impressions I will launch a specific Blog soon.


a tale on textile at ars electronica animation festival

Juli 20, 2014

Our project „A tale on textile – The colony” combines a three dimensional, textile surface with the medium of projection…
And now it´s chosen for the „best of“ selection from this year’s Computer Animation  competition at Ars Electronica Animation Festival. The documentation video is gonna be screened during the Festival and also distributed via Blu-ray.

The project was a cooperation between Joshuah Howard, Lorenz Potthast and Jonas Wiese at URBANSCREEN.COM and the Hamburg based textile artist and designer Svenja Keune.


PS: When you are at Ars Electronica this year, also don`t miss Florian Borns installation Aerosol!

foosball tournament at hfk

Juli 7, 2014

On the 11th July there will be a table soccer tournament as part of the HfK Summer parts starting from 17:00. As in the years before I was organising the tournament and I´m responsible for the advertisement, this year as life size foosball figure poster and 3d-printed trophies.

Come if you dare to play against team Benelicious Podcast!

Update: We won the second place… again…



kickerturnier-plakat-eingang      kickerturnier-plakat

winner at genius loci projection festival

Juni 29, 2014

Yaey! We won one of the three calls for a projection at the projection mapping Festival in Weimar from the 15th to 17th August!

With the Audio-Visual Performance Collective Xenorama we are going to bring to live the facade of the Ohm-Krüger-Haus at Herderplatz in Weimar. So there`s a lot of work, but also a lot of fun ahead!



everything you see is old

Juni 12, 2014

Recently I was talking with a professor about the fact that the light we can see from the stars is also a look back in the past. Light travels with approximately 300.000 km/s, for example it takes an average of 8 minutes and 20 seconds for the sunlight to reach earth.

Imagine a pen with a length of 15 cm. How much older is the end facing away from you than the one pointing at you? It is 0.0000000000500346143 seconds older… fascinating… Every image you perceive is also a look in the past.


experimenting with smoke holograms

Mai 9, 2014

Since I developed the Dream Bubble Machine I`ve been fascinated by the idea of using smoke as voluminous projection surface and was very happy when I then saw this video of japanese scientist using a smoke column as a holographic multi-viewpoint display. Then I thought there could be an easier way to achieve the same result fixing the smoke in a solid shape and using one projector and a mirror system.

I used the visual programming environment VVVV to build a simple virtual setup of rendering a 3D object from slightly different angles and then projected it on a plate with adjustable mirrors which were focussing the images again in the center of a glass bowl filled with smoke.


my bachelor thesis

Mai 6, 2014


I´m about to finish my studies of Integrated Design at the University of Arts in Bremen now. On the 5.5. I registered for my Bachelor thesis and now I´ll have time until the 25.8. to do something cool. Here´s my title and abstract so far:

What is it that outlasts from a society or an individual? How will these relics are perceived in an unknown future? And who has the right to define what remains from us?
In my bachelor thesis I will investigate the ancient concept of individual and social self-assertion beyond the own transience on a formal, social and technological level. I want to explore existing methods, strategies and contents and design experimental approaches for an individual attempt to communicate with the future.

experimenting with vvvv particles and leap

April 21, 2014

Here is a little video of some quick experiments I´ve been doing with the LEAP motion controller in connection with the visual programming environment VVVV. You can use your finger as a as virtual water hose to prevent a little paper house from burning.

I used the amazing CIANT (very nice guys by the way) particle library to emit some fire particles from the surface of the house which disappear when they get in contact with the virtual water particles spread by your finger.

decelerating at EMAF

April 18, 2014

From 23 April until 25 May 2014 the Decelerator Helmet will shown at the exhibition of European Media Art Festival in at the Kunsthalle Osnabrück.

During the days of the Festival (23.4 – 27.4) there will be a lot of interesting screenings, talks and workshops connected by the topic „we – the enemy“.


slowed down perception in rehabilitation

April 8, 2014

In December 2013 Dr. Franco Molteni (Director of the Villa Beretta Rehabilitation Center in Costa Masnaga) invited me and the Decelerator Helmet to explore possible medical applications of the concept of a slowed down perception in rehabilitation. On the 12.03.14 the helmet was brought to the facilities of the Villa Beretta where several approaches were tested with patients in collaboration withProf. Franco Molteni, Eleonora Guanziroli (Biomedical Engineer, PhD in Applied Mechanics), Dr. Fabio Digiacomo (Physician) and Ruggero Castagnola (Creative Technologist).


Even if this was no strict medical research under scientific conditions we found a possible implementation which could help patients to improve very specific movements like the opening of a hand. Here you can find a short documentation of the research we did.

We are planning to continue with this cooperation so I´m very exited if there eventually will be a really useful application for my deceleration concept.

flying waste can be so poetic

März 24, 2014

I saw this video at the Metropolitan Museum a couple of months ago and now accidently found the video again… amazing!



„a tale on textile“ and „dream bubble machine“ at luminale

März 23, 2014


From the 30.03 – 04.04 I will be exhibiting „A tale on Textile“ and the „Dream Bubble Machine“ at Luminale. The Luminale is a festival of light culture in Frankfurt with arround 180 projects and over 140.000 visitors. My projects will be shown every evening from 19:00 – 23:00 at the Naxoshalle.

The project  „A tale on Textile“ combines a three dimensional, textile surface with the medium of projection and was developed together with Svenja Keune and Joshuah Howard during my internship at Urbanscreen.

The Dream Bubble Machine was developed together with Fabricius Seifert supervised by Prof. Roland Lambrette and is a raw,  restless machine which produces soap bubbles filled with smoke on which are projected images.

UPDATE: Here are some pictures from mounting and exhibition.

luminale-aufbau2   luminale-ausstellung2


incredible projects from india

März 19, 2014

While I was visiting Techkriti Festival organised by IIT Kanpur I met a lot of very interesting people with great ideas I want to share at this point:

Brij Kothari is a social entrepreneur who invented Same Language Subtitling arround 1999. SLS is simply the idea of subtitling the lyrics of existing film songs (or music videos) on TV, in the ‘same’ language that they are sung in. Call it Karaoke on Bollywood for mass reading! A deceptively simple innovation, SLS is already delivering regular and inescapable reading practice to 150 million weak-readers in India.

Gajendra Singh Tanwar is a student at the LNM Institute of Information Technology who developed a Headtracking System to allow interaction with a computer for people with disabilities by  … and the components are just 15$ !

Vaibhav Gupta and some other students at the Lucknow Public School invented a system for the conversion of waste Polyethne into Ethanol. This basically means they can turn the most common plastic into an alcohol which could be used as fuel. They are quite at the beginning of their experiments but already got a small reactor working.

the decelerator at techkriti festival in india

März 2, 2014

I´m very happy to exhibit my Decelerator Helmet at the annual Technical and Entrepreneurship Festival Techkriti organised by the IIT Kanpur from the 6th to 9th March.

I´m going to be in India a couple of more days before and afterwards and visit the area arround Kanpur and Delhi. I´m very curious and exited :)


interview with WEAVE magazine

Januar 19, 2014


In the current issue of the german interaction design magazine WEAVE you can find a four page interview with me talking about the process of making the Decelertor Helmet.

Here you can find the whole article.

build your own decelerator helmet

Dezember 23, 2013

Everytime I was talking to people about the helmet there came the question when it would be possible to buy it. This was never my approach. It wasn´t thought as a product, but as a experiment. Finally I decided to share the instructions with everybody who want`s to develop his own Decelerator Helmet.


internship at dreiform in cologne

Dezember 23, 2013

From the 6.1 – 15.3 I will do another internship at Dreiform in Cologne, who are doing „communication and spaces for people and brands“ (self description). I hope to get more insights into spatial design and also will be in charge to establish a digital laboratory in their new office.


Also I´m invited to talk about my Decelerator Helmet again at their brand new contribution to the IMM cologne: The Salon D!


output: selection

Dezember 21, 2013

Yesterday I received a nice package from open:output with the 2013 yearbook including my Decelerator Helmet and a official looking certificate.


„a tale on textile“ exhibited at MKG in hamburg

November 26, 2013

During my Internship at Urbanscreen I developed the augmented sculpture „A tale on textile – The colony“ together with Svenja Keune and Josh Howard. Now Svenja is nominated for the Justus Brinckmann Förderpreis and some of her works (including our collaboration) are exhibited at the Museum für Kunst und Gewerbe in Hamburg. Also our sculpture is shown at an ARTE feature about Svenjas work.


I helped her preparing the exhibition and now I have my fingers crossed and hope she wins…

annual multimedia award

November 20, 2013

Whuw, the Decelerator Helmet won an Annual Multimedia Award in the category „Digital special formats“. Now it is featured in the yearbook and I got a fancy certificate =)