International Symposium on Electronic Arts (ISEA) in Durban, South Africa

Juli 2018

I am very happy to was able to join the 24th International Symposium on Electronic Arts (ISEA) in Durban, South Africa from the 23rd to 30th of June 2018. Therefor I built upon my already existing connection to friends and institutions in Durban, was kindly supported by the Bremen-Durban partnership association and collaborated with the People’s Smart Sculpture Project.

Over the course of the symposium I was involved in several activities, such as a workshop on the potential of projections in public space together with the PS2 project and Elektro Moon Vision, exhibitions based of my previous research on the internet connectivity between the partner cities of Durban and Bremen at KZNSA Gallery and the beachfront and a panel discussion and a Pecha Kucha presentation.

36239961_10157021233334528_4331722496542769152_o ISEA2018_Lorenz-Potthast_DSC_0002_SMALL

ISEA2018_Lorenz-Potthast_DSC_0014_SMALL ISEA2018_Lorenz-Potthast_DSC_0032_SMALL

ISEA2018_Lorenz-Potthast_DSC_0035_SMALL ISEA2018_Lorenz-Potthast_DSC_0137_SMALL

ISEA2018_Lorenz-Potthast_DSC_0210_SMALL ISEA2018_Lorenz-Potthast_DSC_0218_SMALL

ISEA2018_Lorenz-Potthast_DSC_0238_SMALL ISEA2018_Lorenz-Potthast_DSC_0379_SMALL

ISEA2018_Lorenz-Potthast_DSC_0482_SMALL ISEA2018_Lorenz-Potthast_DSC_0581_SMALL