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friends (who have websites)

(might be not very up-to-date anymore)

A looong time ago I was co-funding member of a little agency for graphic and motion design called 16zuMoin. Everybody is doing different things now, but it is still great to meet from time to time.

David is studying together with me at the University of Arts, Bremen. He does some great graphic design work and even more awesome photos, always with a very strong power of observation and a special sense of humor.

A great designer and animator, but sadly he is very bad at table football. We developed the visual concept and the trailer for the university days at HfK 2012 together with Mikko Gärtner, who is also bad at table football.

My old class- and flatmate I know for a very long time now. We share the interest in technology and space and it´s great that he is my contact to the Digital Media guys at HfK Bremen.  Check out his newest project: Aerosol

The communication agency where I worked before and during the begin of my studies. They are advertising Bremens 2nd best beer Hemelinger and I did some very interesting projects there, for example SqueezeMe!.

With Henning I share my course of studies, our flat and the interest in tinkering. In his projects he combines a very clever functionality with a clear astethic vision.

We got to know each other at Urbanscreen where we developed the project „A Tale on Textile“ together with Svenja Keune. He perfectly compensated my tendence to fudging, as he normally studies architecture at Rice University in Texas and is very much into media facades.

Julian was also studying at HfK and is now an art director, mostly working at Urbanscreen. His projects are characterized by a reduced mixture of timing, tense and asthetics (e.g. his diploma work SKEW).

Lulu is a truly fascinating, friendly and funny person. After finishing a PhD in Philosophy she went into the field of Design and later Digital Media, and is now approaching theoretical topics in Design and Mixed Reality.

Menzi Maseko is a Durban-based writer, sociopolitical activist and cultural worker who upholds black consciousness and radical humanist principles mostly using the weapon of the arts and creative education. His thoughts are as impressive as his words.

Probably the nicest italian guy I know (which shouldn`t mean other italians are not nice) and also a great analytical thinker, cook and Interaction Designer at IUAV Venice. Together with others we developed DIP and Ships Aquarium.

Originally learned goldsmith but now a allrounder with  an organizational talent and a big heart . I made her two websites der-stadt-ring.de and sarahkunze.com and got some awesome jewelery in exchange.

Sarah is a costume and fashion designer who has an unique way to create and develop characters that tell their own stories. Also she speaks italian and I made her website.

Svenja is a textile artist based in Hamburg. She works with different materials and techniques to create more poetic and emotional possibilities to interact with objects and technology.

These people are from Bremen and crazy good at what they are doing: custom-made, site-specific media projections and installations on urban surfaces. It was a pleasure beeing there for my internship and working on projects like 26th Floor or A tale on Textile.

In 2014, I’ve been a co-founding member of Xenorama, a collective for Audio-Visual Art. Even if we have been working together in different constellations before, we only managed to meet in one place over a year later. It’s still a great pleasure to know Marcel, Moritz, Richard and Tim and we’ve not only become great colleagues, but also great friends.

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