Projection Mapping workshop in Hildesheim

November 2017

Last weekend I gave a nice workshop about the History and concepts of Projection Mappings and some hands-on experiments with VVVV.Finally we projected some of the results at the buildings of HAWK Hildesheim. Thanks again for the great time again to to EVI Lichtungen for inviting me!

2017-10 Projection-Mapping-Workshop_Hildesheim-WEB_01_IMG_5060 2017-10 Projection-Mapping-Workshop_Hildesheim-WEB_02_IMG_9601

2017-10 Projection-Mapping-Workshop_Hildesheim-WEB_05_IMG_9619 2017-10 Projection-Mapping-Workshop_Hildesheim-WEB_03_IMG_9609

2017-10 Projection-Mapping-Workshop_Hildesheim-WEB_04_IMG_9613