Paper on „Screenization“

Oktober 2016


For a theory course at the University of Arts Bremen I wrote a little research paper about the history and future of Mixed Reality in general and Projection Mapping especially. Therefore I came up with the term „Screenization“. Underneath you find the abstract and you can download the whole paper here.

The digital Screenization of physical environments, Lorenz Potthast (2016) – Abstract:
In the following paper I will try to establish a definition of devices for “screenitized environments” and show their history, current status and potential developments.
In the first part I will give a general overview over the history and developments that led to what we understand today as Mixed Reality. Beginning with the origins of depiction and perspective I explain the similar developments of Camera Obscura and Laterna Magica. Afterwards I show first artistic uses of projections, scientific experiments with virtual worlds and the following professionalization and commercialization.

In the second part I try to juxtapose the current state of technologies with the Virtuality-Reality Continuum by Paul Milgram and Fumio Kishino, a popular framework for the classification of Mixed Reality technologies. I will extend and refine a specific part of the theoretical continuum and position the neighbouring technologies of Projection Mapping and Smartglasses under the  domain of systems for the screenization of the environment.
In the third part I show some forces which are driving the development of Projection Mapping and Smartglasses today and what there are used for. Finally I try to extrapolate potential future developments, applications and ways of usage.