slowed down perception in rehabilitation

April 2014

In December 2013 Dr. Franco Molteni (Director of the Villa Beretta Rehabilitation Center in Costa Masnaga) invited me and the Decelerator Helmet to explore possible medical applications of the concept of a slowed down perception in rehabilitation. On the 12.03.14 the helmet was brought to the facilities of the Villa Beretta where several approaches were tested with patients in collaboration withProf. Franco Molteni, Eleonora Guanziroli (Biomedical Engineer, PhD in Applied Mechanics), Dr. Fabio Digiacomo (Physician) and Ruggero Castagnola (Creative Technologist).


Even if this was no strict medical research under scientific conditions we found a possible implementation which could help patients to improve very specific movements like the opening of a hand. Here you can find a short documentation of the research we did.

We are planning to continue with this cooperation so I´m very exited if there eventually will be a really useful application for my deceleration concept.