Master Thesis Outlook: „Screenization – On the Diffusion of Digital Screens“

April 2018


Last week I registered my Master Thesis and now have five month to work on it. For the topic I extended some of the thought of a previous paper called „The digital screenization
of physical environments“ and sharpened my definition of the term „Screenization“ to to describe the increasing dissemination of Digital Screens in our perception in general and the transformation of environments into screens specifically.

In the theoretical part of my project I am looking at the history of the classical screen and it’s predecessors, the shifts towards digital screens with the upcoming of computer technology and the current use and role of nowadays screens. Furthermore I am following the future developments of a speculative „Screen Material“, that encompasses all the core qualities of a Digital Screen, without it’s current limitations of a flat rectangle.

On the practical side I am conducting several experiments in the directions of autonomous pixel units forming some kind of a „Swarm Screen“ on one hand and on the other hand I am following the idea of a „Screen Object“ consisting entirely of screen.


IMG_9750_SMALL    IMG_9739_SMALL