„a tale on textile“ and „dream bubble machine“ at luminale

März 2014


From the 30.03 – 04.04 I will be exhibiting „A tale on Textile“ and the „Dream Bubble Machine“ at Luminale. The Luminale is a festival of light culture in Frankfurt with arround 180 projects and over 140.000 visitors. My projects will be shown every evening from 19:00 – 23:00 at the Naxoshalle.

The project  „A tale on Textile“ combines a three dimensional, textile surface with the medium of projection and was developed together with Svenja Keune and Joshuah Howard during my internship at Urbanscreen.

The Dream Bubble Machine was developed together with Fabricius Seifert supervised by Prof. Roland Lambrette and is a raw,  restless machine which produces soap bubbles filled with smoke on which are projected images.

UPDATE: Here are some pictures from mounting and exhibition.

luminale-aufbau2   luminale-ausstellung2