The Decelerator Helmet offers the user a perception of the world in slow motion. It is a experimental approach for thinking about our increasingly fast moving, globalized society.

The Decelerator Helmet was developed by Lorenz Potthast at the University of the Arts in Bremen and this website documents the project.

From 23 April until 25 May 2014 the Decelerator Helmet will shown at the exhibition of European Media Art Festival in at the Kunsthalle Osnabrück. Lately the project won the Innovation by Design Award in the Category Concepts in New York and was shown at the Techkriti Festival in India and PASSAGEN in Cologne.

In March 2014 the Decelerator Helmet was invited by Dr. Franco Molteni, Director of the Villa Beretta Rehabilitation Center in Costa Masnaga, to explore possible medical applications of the concept of a slowed down perception in rehabilitation. We are planning to continue with this cooperation so I´m very exited if there eventually will be a really useful application for my deceleration concept.
Here you can find a short documentation of the research we did.


Here is a little cooperation with filmmaker Mark Slutsky (who also made the fabulous short movie The Decelerators) that shows the helmet in the streets of New York.


Do you want to know something about the overall concept, the process of developing the helmet or the technical background? Or are you more interested in speculative implications of the idea, peoples reactions or press material?