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A lot of comments were posted, ranging from interesting to funny to critical. Some of them I just like so much, I want to share them with the world: (User: Damien Hirst)
I want to buy the patent and market this as a sex toy for men who suffer with premature ejaculation.
Technology breaks time. Fascinating.
These would be ideal for Eu leaders, so they could watch, in slow motion, the collapse of trhe Euro. Then they will be able to see what we are already seeing in real life.
While the technology involved is hardly cutting edge, the Decelerator represents quite a forward-thinking perspective in the realm of design.
Society often disregards the fact that natural perception and personal timing are two different notions.

Huffigton Post (User: Unlucky777)
Voice of Logic in this Inevitable Idiocracy

Huffigton Post (User: uniqumm):
What is the point of this? and how much $$$ did the government give this person to do this?
German artist Lorenz Potthast created the Decelerator Helmet, a device that emphasizes and comments on the rushed landscape of our everyday existence.

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