open day hfk 2012

animated | applied | digital | graphical
February 2012
Corporate Design and trailer for the annual exhibition of the HfK
Supervised by Prof. Roland Lambrette, Henning Rogge
Together with Mikko Gaertner, Filippo Baraccani (Trailer) and others

The corporate Design of the annual exhibition of the University of Arts, Bremen is  always developed by a group of students. The concept should advertise the event and make people in Bremen and arround intersted what is happening at the HfK.
It should be noted that the departments of music, art and design and their single courses of studies need to be representated in a appropriate way.



The conceptual idea tried to take into account these various influences. Faces of students of the HfK are layered over each other and seem to look at the viewer. It arises a strong motive, which irritates at the first look, but releases new details at every further view.

In the Corporate Design was not just developed posters, flyers and a website but also a trailer for the regional cinemas and the spreading in the internet.
In the frame of the Corporate Design the trailer shows the many facets of the HfK without beeing to specific. The overlayed students are vicarious for the different departments of the HfK which influence, enrich and inspire each other.
The movements of the actors seem to change chaotic,  reactive or compacted, like in a creative process.


The trailer was shown at several cinemas in Bremen and two local TV stations. Also it was nominated for the award of the annual exhibition 2012 and was shown at the BestOfHfk exhibition at the Willhelm Wagenfeld Haus.