squeeze me! (at HKS)

applied | digital
September 2012
Interactive webdocumentation about dementia
At HKS/AWA Crossmedia

„Squeeze me!“ is a crossmedia project by Bremen-based journalist and filmmaker Annette Wagner, alias awa crossmedia productions, in collaboration with ZDF/arte and filmtank Berlin. It meshes five traditional and new media formats into a multi-media appeal to people of all ages to cast aside their fears of dementia and consider the pros and cons of thereapeutic robot treatment in nursing homes.

One of the formats is a interactive website, which combines journalistic film and photo sequences, reading tips and reference links to provide profound insights into the ethical and scientific issues and the daily life of caregivers, dementia patients and their families. At Haase + Knels & Schweers I developed the (design)concept and implemented the whole website in Flash.

Watch it here Online


The Website is a multiple perspective pool of information that encourages the users to playfully immerse themselves in this hotly debated topic. It offers two possibilities to get closer to the content. On the one hand through mediapools to specific questions and on the other hand through a sorting by media. Between these navigation concepts there are several cross references to switch between the approaches.



The website is developd within the ARTE corporate design resctrictions, integrated in the ARTE website and available in two languages (german and french). It is programmed in Actionscript 3 and through SWFAdress Deeplinkable and navigable with the normal browser commands.

In 2012 the site was included in the shortlist of the Deutschen Preis für Onlinekommunikation in the category „Digital Public Affairs“.