moya facade (with xenorama)

animated | applied | digital | graphical
August 2014

projection at genius loci weimar projection mapping festival
together with Marcel Bückner, Thorbjörn Geisler, Tim Heinze, Richard Oeckel, Moritz Richartz

Together with my colleagues from Xenorama I was contributing a projection to one of the three facades of Genius Loci Festival 2014 in Weimar. The show was hosted at the Herderplatz and projected onto the Ohm Krüger House as well as onto the statue of Johann Gottfried von Herder.

Herder’s and Krüger’s quite discrepant perspectives served highly inspirational as Heder’s statue has been facing Paul Krügers busk for over a century, both wrapped in contemplative silence. The result is a vivid interplay between classical façade and south african form language, the latter rejected by Krüger whereas Herder would have drawn fascination from it — and yet both individuals maintained a strong relationship with nature.


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