modular crates

animated | arty | digital | physical
Mai 2013

Sound reactive sculpture at the unterseedorf festival
Together with Simon Ulbricht, Rasmus Rienecker and many more

At the Unterseedorf Festival in Bremen we build a abstract structure out of juice crates which was illuminated by a projector. Also we installed a shoutbox where the visitors could yell their thoughts, wishes or just anger which than would influence the projected contents. We where a big group contributing to the project, my main focus was to generate the projected visuals together with Simon Ulbricht.




The Unterseedorf Festival was organized by the Zuckerwerk, a network around the sadly closed subcultural space and electro club Zucker. The festival was held at a brownfield in the Ɯberseestadt (old habour area in Bremen) to demonstrate the need of a new space for the variety of the Zuckerwerk.



For the projections Simon and me used the visual programming environment VVVV. We rebuild the complete spatial structure of the sculpture in a 3D program and than could access every single crate in the virtual space. Also in this way we could use the soundinput of the shoutbox in real time to effect and change the content which was projected.


Our installation dealt with topics of gentrification and displacement of subcultural clearance zones. The idea was to make the static, ordered structure of the sculpture more and more overlayed by chaotic, colorful shapes the more actively the shoutbox was used.


Here you can watch a longer video of the installation: