Dezember 2015

Cultural initiative with refugees and students
Together with various other HfK students and employees

MEET YOUR NEIGHBOURS is an informal but regular meeting with people from the University of Arts Bremen and refugees from the neighbouring accomodations in the Ɯberseestadt Bremen.

MYN 2016-05-17 Musikabend_WEB_16

In December 2015 a group of students and people working at the HfK started organizing movie evenings to get in contact with refugees from the neighbouring accomodations. The simple idea behind it was, that the best way to help people to settle in a new environment is through direct contact and uncomplicated support. Over time we organized different other events, such as music evenings with diverse sounds from all over the world or dinner and barbecue evenings with delicious food. Currently we are developing ideas for new projects together with refugees with cultural and artistic background or interest.


MYN 2016-01-05 Filmabend-05

MYN 2016-04-05 Fruelingsessen_WEB_17

MYN 2016-02-23 Musikabend_WEB_012

MYN 2016-02-23 Musikabend_WEB_004

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