Infinite Destruction Machine (beta)

arty | digital | physical
Dezember 2017

Machine that infinitely builds and destroys sandcastles
Created in the course „Digital Artifactual Objections“
Supervised by Prof. Dennis Paul

The „Infinite Destruction Machine“ takes over the tedious task of building and destroying a sand castle over and over again.

Destruction is connoted negatively as the bad opposite of creation. Nevertheless it feels oddly satisfying, when buildings get demolished, iPhone are blended or soap bubbles burst: Destruction gives us an immediate feeling of power.

In the installation, sandcastles are used as a metaphor and archetypal object that triggers memories about this joy of destruction. After a castle has been build, the platform on which it is standing starts to vibrate, and over time the castle disintegrates. Afterwards a new castle is build from the same sand, and the process begins again.