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January 2013
Prototype of a mobile application for exploring the canals of venice
Supervised by Prof. Gillian Crampton Smith and Prof. Philip Tabor
Together with Ruggero Castagnola, Maria D’Uonno and Laura Panno

Dip is an immersive mobile app that lets you explore the underwater world of Venice’s canals. In our concept there are microcontroller units under certain bridges that connects to your phone wirelessly and enables you to control a underwatercamera camera and explore additional real-time data about the canal’s condition. It features a visualization to get information about water and underwater such as waterflow direction and speed, depth and structure of the canal, water temperature and chemical composition.

You can read the whole documentation at the Interaction Venice blog.

Venice is a city that lives halfway between land and water. We had the idea that it would be interesting to offer a total new view on the canals of venice: from underwater. After our first tests we were fascinated by the beauty of the images and decided to continue with the idea. We wanted to give more background information about the actual state of the canal, so we developed a interface that augments the livestream in an unobtrusive way.

We developed a rough, but fully working prototype to test our concept. The smartphone application is written in processing and can wirelessly receive images from an underwater camera. The visualisations are all probably working, but with fake data.