3d effect video

animated | digital
July 2009
3D animation with different techniques and aproaches
Thanks to Soulcage Department

So far this clip is my most advanced 3D project. It combines real movie footage with a digital created and animated character. Moreover there are used techniques to simulate cloth, water and a dynamic particle fire simulation.
The movie was produced for preparation and during my internship at the Soulcage Department. It is more a technical experiment than a narrative story.

First I analized the camera movements of the real movie footage in Boujou. Afterwards I modelled the body of the character in ZBrush and animated it in XSI Softimage where also the additional objects like the receipt were added.
The simulation model of the fire was developed in the visual programming platform ICE which is implemented in XSI. The fire can spread to other objects and extinguishes on contact with the water which was simulated in RealFlow.
Overall I spent over a year working on this project and rendered arround 137.000 single pictures in 62 different passes. The compositing was done in After Effects and consists of 104 different layers.