26th floor (at Urbanscreen)26th floor (participation at urbanscreen)

An augmented sculpture at Four Seasons Hotel Beirut, Lebanon
Participation at Urbanscreen

This permanent light sculpture was exclusively developed for the rooftop of the Four Seasons Hotel in Beirut. Sculpture development and content development refer to each other in an interdependent design. By assimilating specific aspects of the environment, this work was developed from scratch as a site-specific piece of art.

See the whole documentation here at the Urbanscreen website.

During my internship at Urbanscreen I was contributing to this project on many levels. I was involved in the conceptual and visual development of the show and animated some of the 2D and 3D scenes which were part of the final projection. Here I mostly focused on playing with the visual depth of the tiles and virtual light effects.


Also I was in charge of building the testing mockups in the office. I 3D-printed a small version and also made a bigger 1:4 model out of paper for the final testings of the visual content.
In addition I developed the technical workflow of having two CF-Card players showing the content synchroniously over two seamless overblended projectors.26thfloor_printed-model


At a certain point it turned out that my experience with the CF-Card players was also needed for the final installation of the technical setup in Beirut. So me and another colleague went to Lebanon and installed the players, beamers and I did the final keystoning.