lorenz potthast

I am an interdisciplinary designer with an artistic approach, technological interest and cultural empathy. My work deals with new media technologies in two different ways: On the one hand I use the possibilites of Digital Media as a new way of playfull, artistic expression while on the other hand I investigate the implications of a transforming digitalized and globalized world through critical research and analysis.

For my Bachelor degree I studied Integrated Design at the University of the Arts in Bremen with an exchange semester in the Interaction Design master course at the IUAV in Venice. During my studies I did internships at Projection Mapping studio Urbanscreen and spatial design company dreiform. Afterwards I founded the collective for Audio-Visual Art Xenorama together with some friends. After finishing my Bachelor Project I worked as Multimedia Centre Coordinator at the BAT Centre in Durban, South Africa for one year as part of an cultural, social exchange.

Currently I am studying in the Master of Digital Media at the HfK Bremen, work as Art Director at Xenorama and organise cultural events with refugees a the platform for intercultural exchange MEET YOUR NEIGHBOURS.

achievements & awards

October 2017
Scholarship: Deutschlandstipendium

September 2016
RADIX (with Xenorama)
Shortlist: LUMEN PRIZE

July 2016
RADIX (with Xenorama)
1. Prize: Micromapping Category at FIMG (International Mapping Festival Girona)

June 2016
Nominee: German Design Award 2017

February 2016
Do You Agree?
Annual Award HfK Bremen – Special Prize Digital Media

December 2015
Communication with the Future – The Petroglypomat
New Face Award: Japan Media Art Festival, Interactive Art Category

October 2014
Communication with the Future – The Petroglypomat
3. Place Frese-Design-Award

September 2014
A tale on Textile – The Colony
Best Of selection: Ars Electronica Animation Festival

June 2014
Moya Façade with Xenorama
Winner Open Call: Genius Loci Festival Weimar

June 2014
Table Football Tournament of the HfK
2. Winner (Together with Benedikt Jährling)

March 2014
Decelerator Helmet
Winner: Design for Experience Award, Category: Bridging Digital and Physical Experiences

March 2014
Table Football Tournament at dreiform
2. Winner (Together with Elena Burggraf)

November 2013
Decelerator Helmet
Winner: Annual Multimedia Award, Students

October 2013
Bremer of the Month, Bremer Magazine

October 2013
Decelerator Helmet
Winner: Innovation by Design Award, Category Concepts

June 2013
Decelerator Helmet
Selection: OUTPUT Award 2013

May 2013 – Groupwork at IUAV
Semifinalist: 2013 Adobe Design Achievement Awards

October 2012
Doorhandle „welcome“
1. Price: Zinc Design Award

July 2011 – Together with Benedikt Jährling
Table Football Tournament of the HfK
1. Winner

exhibitions & presentations

Kunst- und Kulturhaus Rechenzentrum, Potsdam, Germany (21.01.2017)

“Idioty and Resistance” Live-Radio-Theatre-Salon
Sophiensaele, Berlin, Germany (26.10.2016)

Club Taher Hadded, Tunis, Tunisia (01. – 04.09.16)

Schlosslichtspiele (with Xenorama)
Palace of Karlsruhe, Germany (07.08. – 17.09.16)

PLATINE Festival for electronic arts and alternative play forms
Ehrenfeld, Cologne, Germany (15. – 18.08.16)

FIMG (International Mapping Festival Girona) (with Xenorama)
Girona, Spain (18. – 24.07.16)

Luminale Light Art Festival
Senckenberg Museum, Frankfurt, Germany (30.3.-4.4.14)

19th Japan Media Art Festival
The National Art Center, Tokyo (03. – 14.02.16)

Human+ Exhibition – The Future of our Species
CCCB, Barcelona, Spain (06.10-10.04.15)

CityLeaks Urban Art Festival (with Xenorama)
Cologne, Germany (11-12.09.15)

Schlosslichtspiele at the GLOBALE (with Xenorama)
Karlsruhe, Germany (08.08. – 11.09.15)

QUARKS Festival
BITS Pilani, Goa, India (05.-07.02.15)

EX_IT – BestOf HfK Exhibition
Wilhelm Wagenfeld Haus, Bremen, Germany (23.10. – 01.01.15)

Ars Electronica Festival for art, technology and society
Ars Electronica Center, Linz, Austria (04.09 – 08.09.14)

Genius Loci International Video & Facade Mapping Festival
Ohm-Krüger-Haus, Weimar, Germany (15.8 – 17.08.14)

European Media Art Festival
Kunsthalle, Osnabrück, Germany (23.4 – 25.05.14)

Luminale Light Art Festival
Naxos Halle, Frankfurt, Germany (30.3.-4.4.14)

Techkriti Festival
Kanpur, India (07. – 09.03.14)

Messe Kunst und Handwerk
Museum für Kunst und Gewerbe Hamburg, Germany (29.11. – 08.12)

Alte Kongresshalle, Munich, Germany (25.-26.10.13)

Imagine Science Film Festival
Made in NY Media Center, New York, USA (14.10.13)

World Summit on Innovation and Entepreneurship
Museum of Moving Images, New York, USA (09. – 11.10.13)

Innovation by Design Conference
New York, USA (02.10.13)

This Happened
Kulturhaus III&70, Hamburg, Germany (06.09.13)

Fusion Festival
Lärz, Germany (27. – 30.06.13)

Talkshow “Ansichten
Radio Bremen (20.06.13)

Toolkit Festival 3
Officina delle Zattere, Venice, Italy (09. – 14.05.13)

Enter Festival 6: Biopolis
National Technical Library, Prague, Czech Republic (02. – 12.04.13)

talks & workshops

The Real of Reality, International Conference on Philosophy and Film
ZKM, Karlsruhe, Germany

Futurale Filmfestival
Bremen, Germany

Designxport, Hamburg, Germany

RWE Straßenbeleuchtungstage
Krefeld, Germany

14. – 18.03.16
Workshop: Introduction to visual programming with VVVV
University of Arts Bremen

05. -07.02.15
QUARK Festival

BITS Pilani Campus, Goa, India

Rehabilitation Research Center Villa Berretta
Costa Masnaga, Italy

Salon D, PASSAGEN IMM Cologne
dreiform, Cologne, Germany

ArtistTalk Symposium

National Technical Library, Prague, Czech Republic

press & publications

Jan 2017
Märkische Allgemeine Zeitung

Jun 2016
a-tempo Magazin

Apr 2016

Sep 2015
Victionary book No.6 – Transparency

Aug 2015
Interview: SA Creative Network

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