facade dialogs (with xenorama)

animated | physical
September 2015
Civic participation projection at CityLeaks Urban Art Festival Cologne
Together with Hans Arnhold, Marcel Bückner, Philipp Kunze
Music & Sound Design by Tim Heinze, Richard Oeckel

The project Facade Dialogs is a participative video installation in the public space that shows different perspectives out and on Cologne Mülheim. The architecture of two facades facing each other are turned into a stage and a lectern that mediates discussions and debates about identity, spatial relations and the developments of the district.

The project Facade Dialogs was a contribution to the CityLeaks Urban Art Festival 2015 in Cologne, Germany by the collective for Audio-Visual Art Xenorama. This years edition of the Festival was located in Cologne Mülheim, a diverse and multicultural district that initiated an ambitious structural development program called “Mülheim 2020”.

Through the project Facade Dialogs the district Mülheim and the people in it become object and mediator at the same time. The spatial structure of the Wiener Platz and the surrounding architecture is temporarily augmented and a new kind of communication space is created. »Facade Dialogs« gives people in Cologne-Mülheim a chance to tell their stories and discuss topics concerning the district in an unfiltered, direct way at the place where they matter the most: the actual space that they are talking about.


Over several days a mobile interview station was set up at the Wiener Platz in the center of Mülheim. Passersby where invited to speak about their relation to the district, their opinion on “Mülheim 2020” and their expectations and hopes for future developments. The people interviewed reached from citizens that were born and raised in the district and were involved in local politics towards people that visited Cologne for the first time.

Afterwards the content was journalistically processed and edited into a two channel video and sound installation. During the Festival the interviews were projected onto two facades at the Wiener Platz. The video installations confronted different opinions, showed similarities and enabled unexpected dialogs between strangers that never met before.