add me as a friend

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February 2012
Book and Website for the Alumni report of the HfK 2012
Supervised by Prof. Tanja Prill, Sven Michel
Together with Helene Maus, Yamuna Peters, Wladimir Schwabauer, Wei Qiang

In the university publication “add me as a friend” alumni of all study courses at the HfK Bremen are showing which topics they worked on in 2011, which questions were raised and how it can go on after studying. In a working group we developed not a typical annual report, but a vivid publication that portraits the diversity of the university. Because the possibilites to reproduce audiovisuall content like music and video are limited in a printed publication, the contents of the catalog are expanded in two digital formats, which were my main contribution to the project.


The website www.addmeasafriend.de picks up the seperation of image and text, however makes use of the classic conventions  of the internet, according to which text is usually scrolled horizontally while images are scrubed vertically. Also it allows a linear reading flow and a immediate visual location within the alphabetical sequence.

Also there is an online gallery that is linked to QR-codes in the printed version and can thereby viewed on a mobile device while reading the actual book.




In the catalog the visual and text elements are seperated to enable a new reading. Deliberately also the images are limited to one for each work.



The degree projects are opened every eight pages by internal and external editorial contributions  by people or institutions somehow related to the HfK in 2011. The whole book is framed by projects, topics and information from the university in general.